About Us

Bilingual Preschool

  • English Programming K-7 with enriched Core French offered using the AIM program (accelerated, integrated method)
  • French Immersion Programming K-7
    • 100% French in Kindergarten to Grade 2
      • Grades 3-8 delivered in French except for the English Language Arts class
  • Commitment to differentiated instruction to meet your child's individual needs
  • Using assessment to inform instruction & further learning, as well to assess student achievement
  • An integrated team approach to meeting students' needs through wrap-around support
  • Exceptional extracurricular opportunities
  • Dedicated staff
  • Value embedded Catholic School advantages

How Our School Got Its Name

The school was named St. Joseph as a tribute to the Sisters of St. Joseph who have played a very important role in Catholic education in Yellowknife since the school district was first formed in 1951. The Statue of St. Joseph (found in the garden area across from the office) was unveiled at a special ceremony on May 1, 1979, by Sr. Mary Eunice, Superior of the Community of Sisters of St. Joseph in Yellowknife. In 1992 we changed our school name to École St. Joseph School to reflect the dual-track nature of our school.

School Prayer

With you Lord Jesus, we come together as a family at École St. Joseph School. Thank you for the love you have for each of us. Help us respect each other and accept our differences. Teach us to share our gifts and grow together in the Spirit of God. Avec toi, Seigneur Jésus, on se réunit en famille, à l’École St-Joseph School. Merci pour l’amour que tu as pour chacun de nous. Aide-nous à respecter et à accepter nos différences. Apprends-nous à partager nos talents et à grandir ensemble dans l’Esprit.


Learning and Growing in the Spirit Dans un même Esprit, apprenons et grandissons ensemble!

History Of Our School

When St. Joseph’s School was officially opened in August 1978, it became the third Catholic school in Yellowknife. It was the result of many years of negotiations and planning by a group of dedicated School Board members. Mr. Jack Keenan, Board Chairman at that time, deserves special mention for his perseverance and leadership. As the community rapidly expanded, additions to the school became necessary and were completed in 1983, 1985 and 1992. On August 3, 2006, the school experienced a fire which led to the 2006-2007 school year being held in three separate school sites. In 2007-2008 all classes were back on the main site thanks to the addition of some modular classrooms. In 2008-2009 and 2009-2010, the school underwent a retrofit process. The school was restructured substantially and the space lost as a result of the fire was rebuilt. To allow for this construction, a new 'school' was created in a second site (St. Joseph's Middle School) for 2 school years. In May of 2010, the 'new and improved" ESJS was back in business - with all staff and students back in our new space! We welcome all to come and visit our beautiful building!