Weledeh Catholic School

Classroom Reminders

Grade 6

Homeroom: 6E - Genge

June 25, 2017 - Select an assignment to view its details and download any attachments.

noLanguage ArtsAlexander and the Terrible....Genge, JenniferMay 29Aug 31
noHealthBicycle safetyGenge, JenniferMay 1Jun 30
noHealthBicycle safetyGenge, JenniferMay 1Jun 30
noScienceAir and FlightGenge, JenniferMay 1Sep 30
noHealthFood Label QuizGenge, JenniferApr 25Jun 30
noSocial StudiesGeographic Regions of CandaGenge, JenniferApr 20Jun 30
noLanguage ArtsLois LoweryGenge, JenniferApr 11Jul 31
noMathMath Makes Sense TextbookGenge, JenniferMar 16Sep 30
noLanguage ArtsAlberta Exam BankGenge, JenniferMar 13Jun 30
noHealthDigest QuestGenge, JenniferMar 2May 31
noHealthFood DetectivesGenge, JenniferMar 2Mar 31
noHealthChoose My PlateGenge, JenniferMar 2Mar 31
noScienceElectricityGenge, JenniferJan 31Sep 30
noLanguage ArtsFigurative Language QuizGenge, JenniferJan 25Oct 31
yesLanguage ArtsNumber the Stars NovelGenge, JenniferJan 20Mar 31
noSocial StudiesCanadian Provinces & Territories and their capitalsGenge, JenniferJan 20Apr 30
noLanguage ArtsSimile and Metaphore PracticeGenge, JenniferJan 16Jun 30
noLanguage ArtsFigurative Language GamesGenge, JenniferJan 16Oct 31
noSocial StudiesCanadian Provincial & Territorial SymbolsGenge, JenniferJan 13Jan 31
noSocial StudiesMatch the Flag Canadian ProvincesGenge, JenniferJan 10Jun 30
noSocial StudiesProvincial FlowersGenge, JenniferJan 10Jun 30
noHealthNourish INteractiveGenge, JenniferDec 15Oct 31
noLanguage ArtsListen to ReadingGenge, JenniferNov 25Jul 31
noMathFront RowGenge, JenniferNov 8Nov 30
noMathPlace Value & Number WebsitesGenge, JenniferOct 13Dec 31
noLanguage ArtsSpelling CityGenge, JenniferSep 26Nov 30
noHealthBicycle Safety QuizGenge, JenniferApr 26Jun 30
noScienceThe Thrill of FlightGenge, JenniferApr 7Jun 30
noMathMath WebsitesGenge, JenniferSep 9Dec 31